32oz ARF Fuel Tank
32oz ARF Fuel Tank
32oz ARF Fuel Tank

32oz ARF Fuel Tank

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Fourtitude R/C ARF fuel tanks include: A high quality double sided hook and loop mounting strap and precut to shape foam mounting pad. Everything you need to get flying ASAP! 

These crystal clear plastic tanks are square shaped which makes mounting into your aircraft very simple.  The clunk line is 1/8” ID Gas and Oil vinyl tubing along with nitrile o-rings that are resistant to fuel with up to 10% Ethanol.



32 ounce (946 ML) - Length 8 7/8” x Width 3” x Height 3” ( 225.5 x 76 x 76 mm) - Weight 2 ounces

Part# FORS2032 32oz ARF V2 Fuel Tank SMAP $24.99

Compact size allows these to be used in 60cc airplanes but have a large enough capacity for up to 120cc airplanes. Average flight time with a DA120 is 11 minutes.